Donations Jan 2016

Presenting The Great Group with their donationThis month the Baldock Beer Festival presented The Great Group in Baldock with a donation that will allow them to purchase outdoor games equipment and outdoor planters and planting equipment. The Great Group operates as a “not for profit” after school club at Baldock Community Centre during term times . The donation will allow them to put on a greater range of outdoor enrichment activities.

This month we made further contributions to Baldock St Mary’s Church so they can continue the restoration of the church tower.

Donating fund to the Friends of St Mary's Baldock

Glasses have arrived!

The Baldock Beer Festival glasses have arrived and feature the theme for this year which is the Rugby World Cup!IMAG0405

Two sizes available pint and half pint. Don’t miss out and get here early as these are limited edition and we usually run out by Sat pm. If you want to drink out of glass then you will need to either buy one or bring your own glass. Otherwise we have plastic glasses available. In the interest of cost (and the environment) we recommend you re-use your plastic glass as many times as you can. There is a facility to rinse out the glass between drinks on your way to the bar.

Community Art!

Community ArtDekkle will be with us on Sunday the 3rd May as they continue their work running and delivering the Baldock Community Arts Project – this is a great opportunity to come and see some of our local artists in-action.

As the Baldock Community Arts Project progresses, the pictures from local school children and community groups have been collected and are being developed into a collage which will be hand carved to create a printing template during the Beer Festival.

It’s not to-late to participate, please come along, meet Dekkle and have a go at carving at the Baldock Beer Festival this weekend!

Cider List Available

TBeer Festival Knighthe Cider list is now available. 53 ciders and perrys have been gathered from the best local producers. As with the ale list there could be the odd change due to availability but there shouldn’t be too many changes. Less than a week to go so see you there!

Bands Confirmed

Beer Festival KnightWe have pretty much sorted out bands for this years festival although there can always be late changes to line ups. A big thanks to all bands who approached us about performing at this years festival, but who we were unable to include in this years line up. 

Balstock will be providing additional music in the acoustic tent. As always come and support these acts as well. They represent just some of the great musical talent in the area and when you are there chuck some money in the Balstock buckets it is directly helping to fund this years Balstock!

We have picked the beers and ciders though until orders are confirmed we cannot let you know what they are!

Lastly, but not least we have applied to be a Charitable Incorporated Organisation this year and we hope to have Charitable status ASAP. We will keep you posted as to progress!

Only a few weeks to go now so see you soon!