Real Cider

Beer Festival KnightHere is the cider list for the 2017 Beer Festival. Please note that there could be some late changes to this list dependent on availability from the suppliers.

No Producer Name Style ABV
C1 Apple Cottage Cherry on the Cake Sweet 6.6
C2 Apple Cottage Ghandi’s FlipFlop Dry 6.7
C3 Apple Cottage Rapple Sweet 6.6
C4 Apple Cottage Kt Med/Sweet 5.6
C5 Apple Cottage Thirst Aid medium 6.7
C6 Apple Cottage KT Perry Medium 6.4
C7 Apple Cottage FTJ Sweet 6.7
C8 Apple Cottage King Leonidas Medium 6.6
C9 Apple Cottage Pyder Sweet 5.0
C10 Apple Cottage Fred’s Perry Medium/Sweet 7.0
C11 Apple Cottage Black ‘n’ Wild Sweet 6.6
C12 Apple Cottage Special Branch Medium/sweet 6.7
C13 Apple Cottage Morning Glory Medium 4.9
C14 Apple Cottage Warp Factor 7 sweet 6.7
C15 Apple Cottage Perry Coma Medium 7.0
C16 Apple Cottage Ratter Medium tbc
C17 Apple Cottage Cloud 9 Medium 8.0
C18 Cam Valley Scrumptious Sweet 7.3
C19 Cam Valley Punters Pleasure Medium 7.3
C20 Cam Valley Dabinett Dry 6.2
C21 MayFly Cider Portugeezer Dry 7.0
C22 MayFly Cider Wonky Newt Dry 8.1
C23 Cromwell Oliver’s Downfall tbc
C24 Cromwell Cavaliers Perry Medium 6.0
C25 Cromwell Oliver’s Session Medium/dry 4.5
C26 Cromwell Oliver’s Choice Medium/dry 6.7
C27 Eversheds Cider Cockney Stairs 6.0
C28 Harding’s Russ’s Revenge Medium tbc
C29 Harding’s 3 Peace Sweet Sweet 7.5
C30 Potton Press Yarlington Mill 6.0
C31 Potton Press Crispin Medium 8.0
C32 Potton Press Sweet Spot Sweet 7.4
C33 Millwhites Somer Gold Medium 5.0
C34 Millwhites Rum Cask Medium 7.5
C35 Millwhites Strawberry Cider Medium/sweet 4.0
C36 Duxford Scrumpy Co. Nellie Wallop Sweet 6.8
C37 S.O. Cider No.3 Dry tbc
C38 S.O. Cider Re-Discovery Medium/dry tbc
C39 Bertie’s OBSession (Old Bertie’s Session) Medium 4.5
C40 Bertie’s Panfield Perry Medium 5.8