Sunday 4th May

Beer Festival KnightFor the last day we have added some more beer and cider to supplement those from the original list. As always we open at 12 Noon.


Saturday 3rd May News

Beer Festival KnightWe had a great Friday night with a full house and great music from Outliars and The 2 Tones and the Balstock bands. The full range of beers are still on as well as foreign beers. The last 30 litres of Strawberry Lambic went on last night so if you want to sample that I suggest you get here early. We open at 12 noon!

Lots of things for the children to do today. Face painting, bouncy castle, the steam train plus lots more so get here early with the family and enjoy the day. Music starts at 1pm and will go right through to 11pm. We have some great bands appearing for the first time (check out Barricade, 4th Labyrinth, Blonde Highlights) as well as some repeat offenders, closing with the fantastic 5th Wheel.

Balstock are running the acoustic tent as a fundraiser. Go along and support them and chuck some money in buckets when they go round. This will go towards putting on the biggest and best  free music festivals in Hertfordshire !

Buy yourself a festival glass whilst you are here. The glasses are being sold by volunteers from our local British Legion and this years beer festival is in part supporting the great work that they do!

Last but not least a big thank you to all the  volunteers that help behind the bar, putting up and taking down the festival. We couldn’t put on this event without them.

Lots to do, see and drink. See you there!

Why you might be a drunk driver and not know it!

Here at the Baldock Beer Festival we do not encourage anyone to drive to the festival so leave the car at home and have a beer!

To reinforce this message guest blogger Guest Blogger Debbie Bannigan from Swansell explains why you should leave that car at home.

Picture this. You are driving your usual route to work one morning. Everything is going just fine  when the car in front of you brakes suddenly and you hit their rear bumper. You know it’s your fault – you should have kept a safe braking distance – so you are relieved that the other driver is polite and understanding about it. After all, it can happen to anyone, can’t it?

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