Beers Ciders and Foreign Kegs

Beer Festival Knight

All the beer, cider and Foreign lagers lists are now on the website. Note there may be late changes as we don’t know what will arrive until a few days before the festival.

We have 92 real ales this year with a mix of local and national. There are 36 ciders and perrys and a choice of 17 foreign / keg beers. We have tried to mix up the keg beers a bit more this year so there are more countries represented including Denmark, Austria and even a Belgian style trappist from the UK.

If any of the above the don’t float your boat then we will also be selling wine, Prosecco and Gin (for the hipsters 🙂 )

It’s a week to go until the festival starts so see you there. Remember all profits go to local good causes (think of it as a beer tax).

We are trying this year to minimise waste this year and so for the first time we will be selling re-usable glasses. You will be pay a £1 non refundable charge for this but it is yours to keep. If you do not wish to keep the glass then you can leave it with us and we will re-use it plus give a £1 donation to The Knights Templar School Earth Day fund.

Please help us also by using the correct recycling bins. If we get it right this should reduce the amount we throw away that ultimately ends up in landfill or in the seas.