About Us

Since September 2015, we are proud to announce that the Baldock Independent Beer Festival is now run and organised by THE INDEPENDENT BALDOCK BEER FESTIVAL CHARITABLE TRUST (Registered Charity Number 1163540). 


To provide grants and donations for such charitable purposes for the public benefit in Baldock and the surrounding area as are exclusively charitable according to the laws of England and Wales as the trustees may from time to time determine.

We will donate to:

  • Children / Young People.
  • Elderly /Old People.
  • People with disabilities.
  • Other charities or voluntary bodies.
  • Other defined groups.
  • The General public.

2017 Donations

During 2017 we managed to donate over £17,800 to good causes. These organisations benefited from donations this year:

  • Brandles Close School
  • Baldock Hockey Club
  • Merry Go Round U5’s Nursery
  • 1st Baldock Scouts
  • 2nd Baldock Scouts
  • Lister Macmillan
  • Heathlands Sanctuary
  • Garden House Hospice
  • Letchworth Bravehearts Rugby Group
  • Letchworth Garden City Rugby (prizes)
  • Baldock Town Youth Football (prizes and hardship fund support)
  • Ashwell Primary School (books)
  • St Mary’s School (books)
  • Hartsfield School (books)
  • St John’s School (books)
  • Baldock Town Fireworks Display
  • Prostrate Cancer UK
  • Baldock Community Orchestra
  • Letchworth Food bank
  • Baldock Girl Guides
  • St Mary’s School (Hardship Fund)

2016 Donations

In 2016 we donated £6,500 to good causes including:

  • Baldock Community Centre
  • The Hardship Fund
  • Baldock Scouts
  • Addenbrokes Hospital
  • Keech House Hospice
  • The Great Group
  • Letchworth Hockey Club
  • Brandles School
  • Magic Moments Nursery

2015 Donations

Proceeds totalling £5,800 from the 8th Baldock Beer Festival was donated to the following organisations:

  • Baldock Classic Car Show (Prizes)
  • St John’s Infant School Baldock ( Library books)
  • 2nd Baldock Scouts Group (Contribution to equipment)
  • Baldock Guides (Contribution to equipment)
  • Wooden Spoon Society (Cash donation)
  • Letchworth Garden City RFC (Prizes for kids events and equipment)
  • The Knight’s Templar School Baldock (Library books)
  • Dekkle Printing Studio (Creation of community town Lithograph)
  • Magic Moments Pre-School (Equipment and toys)
  • Baldock Rotary Club (Contribution to the Town Christmas lights)
  • Weston Way Nursery (Libray books)
  • Cancer Research UK (Cash donation)
  • The Great Group After School Club, Baldock (Outdoor planters and play equipment)
  • St Mary’s Tower Restoration Fund  (Donation to restoration of the tower)

2013-14 Donations

Proceeds totalling £6000 from the 6th Baldock Beer Festival was donated to the following organisations, charities and groups:

 2012-13 Donations

smiley chalk boy

  • Baldock Senior Citizens (minibus upkeep) £500.
  • Brandles School £400.
  • Baldock Town Partnership (“Baldock Beast” half marathon) £250.
  • Baldock Town Partnership Baldock Day children’s entertainment £750.
  • Baldock Scouts £260.
  • Baldock Guides £150.
  • Magic Moments pre-school £400.
  • Brandles School PTA £200.

We are always looking for local good causes to donate to. So if you need help then contact us at info@baldockbeerfestival.org

Thanks for all your support – The Baldock Independent Beer Festival.